What’s In a Name?

I’ve seen a lot of H lately, a new freshman who arrived on campus with an open heart and sweet persona.  In the rush of CI, she stopped in on our Open House – but I didn’t quite catch her name.

Putting two and two together, we were soon Facebook friends (whatever that means anymore…) and I thought I had figured out her name.  A coffee date at Whole Foods followed, talking about freshmen adjustments and long runs.  We talked about the importance of getting lost in the city in order to find your way.  Isn’t that the whole essence of freshmen year anyway?

But once her name was sealed in my mind, I noticed other people kept pronouncing it a different way.  She never corrected me and she never corrected them.

I pushed her on this – “H – how do you REALLY pronounce your name?,” to which she replied, “Before my Bat Mitzvah, I pronounced it one way.  But after my Bat Mitzvah, I told everyone around me that I wanted to pronounce it the other way.”  H #1 was just another Jewish girl.  But H #2 was welcomed to adulthood with a name, “possessed with more spirituality,” in H’s words.

H got me thinking.

What do you do to add spirituality into your everyday life?  And if the answer is “nothing,” what can you do to make that change?  How can each of us, in large and small ways, remind ourselves everyday that there’s more to our lives than just what lives in our daily planners?

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