Two Sides of Every Coin

I grabbed coffee this afternoon with A., a competent, bright-eyed sophomore.  We crossed paths a lot this High Holiday season and I realized that although her name shows up on my Facebook feed and mailing list, we’ve never had a genuine chance to connect.

I was struck by A.’s thought-provoking split personality, as she told me great stories about her life thus far at GW.  On one hand, GW fits her like a glove.  She adores her “sisters” in Greek life, has fallen hard for Washington, and has already put a rock star internship on her resume.  But on the other hand, A. is still THIRSTY for more.  Although a self-proclaimed leader in the classroom, she’s not one to take the reigns on Saturday night plans.  She sees 15 items on the menu but feels unable to choose any of them, wondering if she commits to one thing, will it exclude her from participating in something brighter & better, right around the corner?

A.’s concerns are as human as they come.

What do YOU miss when you’re busy worrying about what you’re missing?  What’s at stake when you say yes to life’s opportunities – and what might you miss by saying no?

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