Multiple Resumes, Multiple Paths

I love having coffee with E.  She’s a Birthright alum who floats in and out of my orbit with a strong soul & sense of self.  E. is a senior and coffee dates like these often bring the typical questions of what to do with the rest of one’s life.

E. and I chatted about the two eras of her GW life: Pre-Abroad and Post-Abroad.  The first period was marked with adjustments & novelties, the second with self-confidence & strengthened relationships.  She’d love to work abroad after college but feels a strong need to ‘build her resume’ – an understandable and often heard refrain.

I shared with E. that someone told me once about the difference between a professional resume & a spiritual one.  The professional version shows your internships and stepping stones to what you’ll one day do to make money.  But the spiritual one tells the story of who you really are; what you value, what you seek, what friends tell other friends when they say how special you are.

What have you done lately to build your spiritual resume?  How does what you’re learning while ‘at work’ help you grow as a human being, and not just as an aspiring professional?

(…a quick plug for the Class of 2013 if you, like E., have these questions on your mind.  Check out the upcoming edition of our Senior Series, focused on ‘Finding Your Post-College Self’ with one of my FAVE speakers, Dr. Erica Brown.)

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