What’s In Your Frame?

I’ve had a frame in my house for years, made on a college break for a well-intended project that never came to fruition.  Until last week.

Kogan Klatch is a project dreamed up with students over the summer, an opportunity to wander around campus once a month with an invitation to engage in a question of meaning.  We started the year with cups & conversation, followed by letting go of our regrets right before Yom Kippur.  And last week, in advance of Thanksgiving, we took my frame and asked GW community members a simple question – “Can you look around and ‘frame’ something you are grateful for?”

The video below captures the amazing answers we got.

So look around, whether you’re at home on break or still sitting in your dorm.  What’s in your frame?  Would love to hear your thoughts, whether in the comments below, via email, or post the video on Facebook and help us start a Thanksgiving conversation.

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