New Year Coffee, Unanswered Questions

unanswered questions - brainstorming conceptAs the summer ends and the school year begins, I’m quietly watching the GW campus come to life without me.  June marked a momentous time in my life with the birth of my first child; although I miss not being part of the firsts of the school year, I’m home treasuring the closing weeks of maternity leave with my new daughter.

While this may mean my coffee dates with students are on hold, I still need my morning cup of joe – shared everyday with my beautiful 10 week old coffee date.  This daily ritual on the couch has obvious marked differences from my coffee routines on campus but they share a key thing in common – they are filled with questions.  With students, I’m filled with inquiries, wanting to know who they are, where they come from, are they happy, what they seek from their Jewish lives.  With my daughter on my lap, the questions aren’t all that different: Who will she grow to be?  What does she want from her life?  How can I support her in her growth?  Of course, the key difference is that other than an occasional coo, my daughter doesn’t answer back.

On the cusp of a new Jewish year, which coincides with the back-to-school season, I think there’s a great deal to be said about questions without answers.  The start of any new school year is filled with unknowns, whether one is beginning a life in Washington or starting to end a chapter that began years ago.  For me, the real challenge isn’t in the asking, but being comfortable with the silence that sometimes meets us in response.  I’ve always craved black and white answers, knowing that often we learn the most in the grey areas of our lives.

What questions are you asking yourself for this new year?  And where do your discomforts in lacking answers potentially hold space for growth?

May your Rosh Hashanah be a meaningful one (we hope you’ll share it with us!) and may the year to come be filled with joy & growth.

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  1. How true it is! Looking forward to your return. The past two years I noticed how every year Hillel has grown and change in ways I would never have expected. Lots of work is put in behind the scenes that we as students never see. Sometimes the impact of that work takes a lot longer to see materialized than we might hope for. Yet again, I am in awe at how GW Hillel continues to morph into an unexpected dream. Hillel made a huge impact on my life at GW and I always wanted to same for everyone else.

    At times I had my doubts and worry that we just weren’t meeting up to the expectations I had for it. It always helps when you have experience under your belt and can look back at the graph and know their will always be the ups and downs in any organization. This being my 3rd year, I have come to realize just how much we have grown as an organization and see the goal of Hillel more clearly.

    Our new president Dan Rosenberg has not only come to the plate as a leader, but is sharpening every tool he has daily to make sure he is successful in his position and moreover that Hillel is successful in its mission. This year feels like that year that it all comes together. All the energy and hard work building the foundation has made it possible for GW Hillel to start building each story on a solid foundation. Wishing you a Shana Tovah! Rich Dweck

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