adena2I’m Adena.

When I sit around with friends and they talk about their lives on the Hill or in their law offices, I secretly think: “I have the best job in the world.”

I spend my days on campus at George Washington University, working as the Executive Director at GW Hillel.  On my resume, this job description might say something about supporting programming, creating innovative initiatives, and working to create vibrant Jewish Life at GW.  In reality, this means I get to learn from college students, honored to hear about what’s going on in their heads during these crazy, emotional, exciting, vibrant 4 years of their lives.

At Hillel, my goal is to give students the (Jewish) tools they need to find long-term (Jewish) meaning in their lives.  In pursuit of this, I drink a lot of coffee and I ask a lot of questions.  And I’m always thinking about how to do more of this with each hour in the day I’ve been given.  That’s where the Adena the Coffee Queen blog comes into the picture.

I’m not crazy about the whole idea of blogging, thinking my words are any more or less important than anyone else’s.  But the other day, a few students got in my ear about using a blog to tell the story of Jewish Life at GW and to ask more questions, more often, considering the fact I’ll never be able to individually reach every GW Jew.

So…here goes nothing.  I’ll tell a few stories about what’s going on in the heads of GW students; but mostly, I hope I’ll ask some questions that you’ll start thinking about, prompting some coffee dates of your own.

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