My Mother’s Mother’s Mother…

I was catching up with S today, after her semester abroad.  Our conversation weaved its way between online shopping and what to do with the rest of S’s life.  But neither of those things gave me chills like S’s latest story.

Under crazy circumstances touching upon death and G/d and journeys, S. recently learned that her mother’s mother’s mother wasn’t Jewish.  (For those who need a crash course on Judaism’s views on matrilineal vs. patrilineal descent, check out this quick article.)  In the blink of an eye, S. was handed over more questions than answers.  Who was keeping this matter a secret and why?  How did this info fit in with S’s mom’s long-standing conversations at the dinner table about the importance of bloodlines and marrying other Jews?  At what point in S’s family history did someone say – ‘enough with the Christmas stockings.  we’re sticking with menorahs.’?

I’m sometimes amazed by how disconnected I feel from my own family history.  I barely remember my great grandparents names yet their choices directly impact my own, Every Single Day.

What choices have generations before YOU made that impact your daily GW life?  And what are the implications of the (Jewish?) choices you make for yourself today?

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