That Little Voice Inside

micI jumped back into work this week, following a meaningful maternity leave for myself and my family.  As any new parent knows, this new transition is filled with a large bag of mixed emotions.  However, as I shared with many, the transition is made so much easier due to the fact I love my job and the students I get to connect with everyday.

In a few short days, I’ve had some great catch-up conversations.  In particular, H. and M. filled my head with great stories about what their lives have looked like in the last months.  They traced their adventures, transitions, and growing relationships, marking the ebbs & flows that come from one college year to the next.  Although facing very different situations, it was clear they shared a glaring similarity: they both possess gut feelings about what is ahead, but both are hiding these feelings beneath a veil of doubt.

It has always been fascinating to me that each of us know so much than we give ourselves credit for.  We live in a modern culture that sometimes embraces drama, causing us to grapple with uncertainties instead of facing the facts.  While reflection is certainly a fabulous process, so too is the ability to listen to that small but steady voice inside of each of us that says: I know who I am and I know what I have to do next.

Are you listening closing to the small, truthful voice inside of you?  What truths currently exist in your life that you have not yet been willing to face?

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